Monday, 28 March 2011

The three stooges'

   When i read "ANIMAL FARM' years ago i never thought that even in my wildest dreams it could happen right here."All animals are equal BUT SOME ANIMALS are more equal than the others".What in Malaysia? ! maybe in timbuktoo or was it zimbabwee,Malaysia? Never. But then again it is no longer the Malaysia as i knew and loved,now it is 1 Malaysia Bolehland..where everything and anything is possible under the sun,even the law u might ask? well as i perceive it especially the law as we the common people understand it.
   Now take this 'three stooges" for instance,for the the whole weeks i guess Malaysia had  became the laughing stock of every ' free-thinking' citizen ;those that are capable of thinking logically ,objectively and non-partisan that is.As for the Umno n BN die-hards well don't waste your time.Even if u tell them there was Tsumani in Japan they will not believe you,unless their leaders say so or it was announced so ooh...melodiuosly" by TV 3..n the rest.For a few days last week the media and the pro-umno bloggers had a field day,crowing to the whole world and those that care to listen to their gutter-press drivel that Anwar 'was at it again".Reading between the lines it was already assumed that the man in the "porn-sex tapes"  exposed by the 'gullible and soo innocent" datuk T(later turn out to be the infamous trio 3 stooges) as Anwar Ibrahim.One MP even said he was 110% sure it was Anwar.
     Now me,if it was really Anwar,then he really was a damn bloody idiot  and deserved to be caught.Do you really think that a man struggling in the middle of  sodomy charges  would be so foolish enough to frolic with a prostitute right in the heart of KL? even so naive as to bring along a companion a.k. "datuk T" .....the one who later claimed to be asked by Anwar to retrieve his omega watch which he had unknowingly left behind in the room ;hence  he(the datuk) found out ('accidently-on -purpose 'of course) the said tape...and CCTV.Doesn't sound like Anwar. RIGHT FISHY! In fact sound just like a phony  filthy cheap porn- soap opera that nobody care  to watch.Talk of adding insult to the injury.This jokers really take the cakes only it was not funny in the least.
    I don"t know about the rest of my fellow Malaysians,but i am so tired and fed up of dirty filthy politic and politicians that is polluting our atmosphere at the moment.I sick of doubled-standard,hypocrisy,mud-slinging and character assassination.I am confuse.I thought everyone is equal under the law regardless of race religion politics or status.Not so it seems.It is common knowledge that buying selling,keeping ,distributing,viewing..ect pornographic materials is illegal.liable to be prosecuted , if so convicted liable to be fined /jailed or both  under the law of the land.......and yet the 3 stooges' walked away free.The reasons? according to the minister in the prime minister department,Datuk  Sri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz,the trio are 'protected' under the"Akta perlindungan saksi 2009 and Akta pemberi Maklumat 2010."(ref.Harian Metro..selasa 29 mac.2010 pg 5) So there you have it.I am no lawyer.But i am a fairly fair person .I hate injustic,especially as it is staring at me right into my face.I  am not for or against Anwar or ANY other politicians for that matter,be it the BN or the PR.I am just against this so called " end justifies the means" kind of no hold- barred political warfare,which  in turn have led to this kind of filthy political games  unseen and unheard of before.What kind of society are those in power of trying to lead us to? Seems to me lately we are turning slowly but surely into a society of" all animal are equal but some are more equal than the others" I hate to think that values such as integrity,honour ,justice,fair play ect is no longer in existence for  those power /ringgit hungry corrupted' manimals'.Power corrupt.Absolute power corrupt absolutely.So wither goes Malaysia? God KNOWS! and if  the same kind of leadership continues after PRU13 i guess i can only pray GOD HELP MY HOMELAND.

(the trio datuks K above ref. to Datuk Sri Rahim Thamby Chik.Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah & Datuk Shuib Lazim)

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